Friday, February 11, 2011

A short flight... destination: breakfast.

 The last weekend that Willa, Ross' mom (aka Grandma) was here visiting we went for a short flight on Ross' airplane to a little town in Missouri to have breakfast. Here are Zuben and Zofia geared up. Even Zuben's teddy bear, Anakin, got dressed for the occasion dressed in matching flight jacket like Zuben.

Here is Grandma sitting in front as copilot with the St. Louis downtown skyline out ahead.

The diner we went to for breakfast was a short 5 min. drive from the airport. When we landed one of the pilots at the airport gave us all a ride in his SUV to the diner. He was one of the group of pilots that keeps his airplane at that airport and it's their hangout. They get together every Saturday for breakfast at that same diner, given it's the only in town and then head to the airport and hangout and fly around.
This sign was posted by the wall to be seen on the way out of the diner, it should give an idea of the "flavor" of the place. You know you are in the midwest when ....

The diner was across the street from the train station and grandma and Fia took a little stroll.

We decided to walk back to the airport instead of calling back for a ride. It was about a mile away so it helped burn off a couple of the calories we consumed at the greasy spoon diner.

The airport was right next to the local park ... finally got there.
 Thankfully the cold wasn't too bad to walk.

Zuben and Zofia hanging out in front of Ross' airplane.

Might as well play in the park for a minute since we haven't been able to enjoy outdoor play in months!

A view from the plane of the town below where we just ate.

One of the communities we flew over as we headed back home. You can see it is nice homes that are all right on the water front ... which is now frozen.

Zofia was given a chance to go to the front and sit on her papa's lap as we flew home.

Zuben takes his copilot duties seriously!
 He looks like a pro, except he's not tall enough to see out the front ...