Saturday, November 13, 2010

April 2010 - KANSAS CITY, MO

We accompanied Ross on a "work" trip to Kansas City for Navy Week. Since was still stuck at the office we hung out nearby at these fountains that have a cool backdrop of downtown St. Louis.
Union Station in Kansas City
Science City inside Union Station

View of downtown Kansas City from back of Union Station building

We stayed a couple blocks from the Country Club Plaza area in Kansas City. Quite the posh area ... very pretty!

Ice cream break on a hot day after walking around The City of Fountains. They are not kidding either!
At the Crown Center which is Hallmark cards headquarters there is a huge tourist trap kind of shopping center and restaurants. Inside is Kaleidoscope which is like Crayola center, it's free of charge and there is many "creation" stations where kids just go wild painting, coloring, cutting, pasting ... you name it!

There is even a dark room with black lights for glow in the dark paint creations.
The last day, Sunday we head to a town about 35 min north of Kansas City for the air show.
Of course I could not miss out on the opportunity to take a picture of the Blue Angels. Anyone who knows anything about me knows I'm a total Blue Angels groupie!

Ross got a chance to see his "beloved" (ha ha!) and much missed (ha ha ha!) C-2

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Andria said...

I love the cute, silly picture of the kids in front of the fountain!