Saturday, November 13, 2010

Grandma's Frida Kahlo Sockmonkey

Grandma Willa LOVES (read: is obsessed) with sock monkeys, so this year (2009) for Christmas I made her a Frida Kahlo sockmonkey. Yes, I have to bring out my mexican-ness every chance I get!
 Sock monkey made from scratch, and didn't turn out so bad if I say so myself given it was my first try at it.

Here, a close eye at some of the details, braided hair with ribbons and THE Frida Kahlo eyebrows.
 Details down to the earrings that Frida Kahlo wore are important!

The finished product, with handmade and hand embroidered clothes I made her. Chal and turquoise bead necklace continue to keep the details in likeness of Frida.

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